<![CDATA[Decentralization and Local Autonomy]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/ 12.06.2024 en http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/ Copyright (c) 2024 http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/ <![CDATA[World Bank representatives discussed fiscal decentralisation in Chisinau | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1073 Chisinau, 17 June 2013. Visitors from the World Bank (WB) discussed, today, in Chisinau, the new system of local public finance, and other aspects of fiscal decentralisation. Mame Fatou Diagne, an economist at the World Bank's main office in Washington DC, USA, and Marcel Chistruga, an economist at the World Bank office Moldova, met with Victoria Cujbă, the head of the decentralisation policy Division of the State Chancellery, and Adrian Ionescu, Chief Technical Adviser with the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) to discuss the Moldovan Government's priorities in the field of decentralisation and the current stage of promoting local financial autonomy.]]> 18.06.2013 10:37 <![CDATA[Unlocking the potential of women in Moldova to accelerate growth the subject of a meeting with the Swedish Ambassador in Moldova | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1072 The Moldovan delegation at an international conference dedicated to economic development and gender equality, held on 12-15 May 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, met in Chisinau with H.E. Mrs Ingrid Tersman, Ambassador of Sweden in Moldova, to discuss their impressions and the results expected after the event. The the meeting with the Swedish diplomat was attended by Nina Costiuc, mayor of Budeşti, Natia Cherkezishvili and Veaceslav Balan from the Moldovan office of UN Women, Alexei Buzu, executive director of the “Partnership for Development” Center, and Victoria Cujba, the head of the Decentralization Policy Division of the State Chancellery.]]> 11.06.2013 15:18 <![CDATA[Experts in public administration from Eastern Partnership countries discussed regional and local public administration reform in Chisinau | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1069 Public administration reform at the local and regional level was the theme of an international seminar held in Chisinau on 27-31 May 2013. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in partnership with the State Chancellery, within the Panel on Public Administration Reform of the Eastern Partnership, the workshop brought together over 30 experts in public administration from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine representing different levels of government, non-governmental organizations and teh academia. Among the lecturers were experts from EU member states and European institutions, including the Committee of the Regions and the Forum of civil society.]]> 31.05.2013 11:35 <![CDATA[The first Regional Forum of Investment and Innovation in Moldova brought together 150 mayors investors and development partners | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1068 “Local government needs investment and innovative approaches. We must properly assess our possibilities and our development overtime, and properly plan a local capacity development.” This was the message of Victoria Cujba, the head of the Decentralization Policy Divison of the State Chancellery, at the opening session of the first Forum for Investment and Innovation, which was held on 23-24 May 2013, in Costesti village, raion Ialoveni.]]> 28.05.2013 09:49 <![CDATA[The Moldovan Delegation Actively Participated in the International Conference in Stockholm Devoted to Economic Growth and Gender Equality | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1067 Following the recommendations made by Her Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, Ingrid TERSMAN, the representatives of central and local public authorities, as well as those of civil society, had the chance to participate in the International Conference on the topic “Gender Equality for Economic Growth”, organized by the Sweden Institute jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden within 12-15 May 2013 in Stockholm, costs being borne entirely by the Swedish.]]> 27.05.2013 14:03 <![CDATA[Decentralization Reform Under the Magnifying Glass of Statistics | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1036 Monitoring of decentralization reform and its impact on the population was the topic of a recently held workshop with the participation of representatives of central and local public administration, academia, civil society, development partners, as well as responsible persons within the National Bureau of Statistics. The event was organized by the State Chancellery with the support of the Joint Project on Straightening the National Statistical System and the Joint Integrated Local Development Program (JILDP). ]]> 12.12.2012 11:15 <![CDATA[The inhabitants of Ruseni Edinet got access to drinking water with the assistance of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1034 More than 50 families of Ruseni village, Edinet district, got access to drinking water thanks to a community development project, implemented by the villagers with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Project. ]]> 11.12.2012 17:55 <![CDATA[Final Declaration of the International ConferenceThe Decentralization Reform from Strategy to Action | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1024 15.11.2012 15:31 <![CDATA[International Conference Decentralization Reform From Strategy to Actions held in Chisinau | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1023 13.11.2012 12:13 <![CDATA[Delegation of the Republic of Moldova learnt from the experience of German local authorities | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1021 Within 29 October – 3 November, instant, the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova, made up of Mr. Iurie Tap, Chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Decentralization, Mr. George Mocanu, member of the Special Parliamentary Committee, Mr. Igor Grosu, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Ion Carpineanu, Mayor of Carpineni commune, Hincesti district, and Mrs. Victoria Cujba, Deputy Head of Decentralization Policies Department within the State Chancellery, conducted a study trip to German Federal Republic to find out about the activities carried out by German local authorities in the field of decentralization and ensuring local autonomy.]]> 05.11.2012 17:43 <![CDATA[The Americans spirit of volunteering exceeded the imagination of the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1010 The Delegation of the Republic of Moldova, made up of 4 mayors and a representative of the State Chancellery (Vitalie COLUN, Mayour of Orhei town, Elena Bodnarenco, Mayor of Soroca town, Tatiana Gălăteanu, Mayor of Giurgiuleşti village, Cahul district, Ion Cărpineanu, Mayor of Cărpineni commune, Hînceşti district and Victoria Cujba, Deputy Head of the Department for Decentralization Policies within the State Chancellery), had the opportunity to conduct a study trip in North Carolina, USA. During the trip, the members of the Moldova delegation had an exchange of experience with their counterparts in the field of local public administration, good governance, decentralization and local autonomy. The study trip was supported by the OPEN WORLD Programme and was funded by the USA Congress. ]]> 10.10.2012 15:22 <![CDATA[Children of Cioresti and Hincauti villages have kindergartens and their mothers jobs | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1009 Thirty three girls and boys from vulnerable families of Cioresti village, Nisporeni district have now access to pre-school education and other 64 children of Hincauti village, Edinet district enjoy better conditions in their kindergarten thanks to the community initiatives supported by Joint Integrated Local Development Programme(JILDP).]]> 10.09.2012 10:21 <![CDATA[Community transport service was launched in Ciuciuleni village Hincesti district | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1000 For the first time today, the children of Ciuciuleni village, Hincesti district, did not have to walk more than 5 km to get to school. The primary school children were transported to school by a community minibus purchased, at the community’s innititative, by the local public authorities, with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP). A similar situation was in another four communities of the republic that were also assisted by the Program in purchasing community transport and in ensuring population’s access to better education and health care services. ]]> 03.09.2012 15:43 <![CDATA[Inhabitants of Festelita will have a modern square | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=1002 As of today, those 3120 inhabitants of Festelita village, Stefan Voda district, will have a modern square and better access paths to the Village Hall premises due to a project implemented with the support of Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP).]]> 28.08.2012 17:19 <![CDATA[United States Agency for International Development launches support for district governments through the Local Government Support Project | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=993 20.07.2012 17:07 <![CDATA[Local government success stories | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=991 04.07.2012 11:39 <![CDATA[First Summit of Excellence in Local Management | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=977 The U.S. Ambassador William H. Moser attended the First Summit of Excellence in Local Management (ELM) in Moldova, organized by the new USAID Local Government Support Project (LGSP). “Through the Local Government Support Project, U.S. Government will continue to provide support to local authorities that are the closest to the citizens of Moldova”, said Ambassador Moser during the Summit. ]]> 26.06.2012 15:49 <![CDATA[A sports field created with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme was inaugurated in Ciulucani Telenesti rayon | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=979 “Since today, we have a perfect area for us to practise and win more matches. It is the most beautiful and most expected gift for all children and adults from the village”, said together the girls from the football team of the village who attended the inauguration event on Sunday, June 24. The sports field was created at the initiative and with the participation of the community and local authorities and with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP), implemented by the Moldovan Government with the assistance of UNDP, UN Women, funded by the Government of Sweden. ]]> 25.06.2012 16:34 <![CDATA[Speech by Ulvi Akhundlu Head of the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau delivered at the First National Conference on Inter Municipal Cooperation | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=985 07.06.2012 09:52 <![CDATA[Speech by Kaarina Immonen UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova delivered at the First National Conference on Inter Municipal Cooperation | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=981 07.06.2012 09:32 <![CDATA[Local public authorities representatives of the Government civil society and development partners met at the First National Conference on Inter Municipal Cooperation | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=971 Over 130 representatives of local and central authorities, civil society and development partners met at the First National Conference on Inter-Municipal Cooperation, held on June 5-6 in Costesti, Ialoveni. The event aimed to expand cooperation between central and local public administration with the representative associations and all those interested in local and regional development, and to develop cooperation initiatives between local communities. The Inter-Municipal Cooperation is an efficient tool to increase the potential of local authorities and to improve the quality of public services delivered to citizens. ]]> 06.06.2012 14:48 <![CDATA[Contest for journalists on Decentralization reform in mass media | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=969 01.06.2012 15:05 <![CDATA[Working group for financial decentralization agreed upon the proposals on the reform of public finance system | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=989 31.05.2012 09:23 <![CDATA[State Chancellery organizes the First National Conference on Inter Municipal Cooperation | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=967 24.05.2012 11:06 <![CDATA[Community led development means better quality of life | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=961 For the first time in his life, 76 year-old Mihai Druta does not have to carry water 1.5 kilometres to his house. He now has his own water supply in his home, a sewer system, and garbage is collected regularly in his neighbourhood. “It's a change that makes our life easier,” said Mihai Druta. “The price is reasonable and the service is good." Four years ago, public services were a luxury for most residents of Telenesti, a town of 9,000 people, whose water supply and sewer systems had not been repaired in 20 years.In response, the local government teamed up with community members to prioritize the most pressing development needs and come up with projects to address them. ]]> 22.05.2012 14:33 <![CDATA[National Forum on Rural Development supported by the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=963 On Tuesday, May 15, representatives of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme attended the National Forum on Rural Development held in Braviceni village, Orhei district, in the context of Europe Days in the Republic of Moldova. ]]> 15.05.2012 09:02 <![CDATA[Hai Moldova campaign held in target communities of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=965 14.05.2012 10:11 <![CDATA[Steering Committee meeting of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme was held within the State Chancellery | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=959 The main results obtained in decentralization during the first quarter of the year, and the activities planned to be accomplished in this area by July 2012, have been discussed today at the Steering Committee meeting of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP).]]> 11.05.2012 12:45 <![CDATA[The public debate Opportunities for vulnerable groups in the context of decentralization Practical aspect Roma took place in Tibirica village Calarasi | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=952 Several Roma families from the Schinoasa, Vulcanesti and Ursari villages discussed today with the representatives of the central and local government, civil society and international organizations about the Roma situation and the opportunities presented by the decentralization reform for the vulnerable groups, including Roma people. The event was held in Tibirica village, Calarasi, and was organized by the State Chancellery with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) in the context of the International Roma Day. ]]> 05.04.2012 15:54 <![CDATA[Parliament adopted the National Decentralization Strategy | National events]]> http://www.descentralizare.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=249&id=956 05.04.2012 13:44