United States Agency for International Development launches support for district governments through the Local Government Support Project

In July 2012, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)will launch the Local Government Support Project’s (LGSP) activities in 12 district capitalsinthe Republic of Moldova. The first twelve cities wereselected on the basis of research on existing municipal performance and capacity, with support for 20 additional district capital splanned in the future.


LGSP aims to assist local authorities in the planning and implementation of policies and procedures that contribute to good governance and development of local capacity to meet responsibilities related to decentralization. LGSP also seeks to strengthen the capacities of local governments and service providers to ensure high-quality public services, improve the budgeting and local public financial management processes, promote the efficient use of energy, and create sustainable opportunities for energy efficiency.


At thelaunch events,district governmentand LGSP representatives will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)that establishes a foundation for cooperation over the next four years.  The municipalities will benefit from technical assistance and support in three priority areas: public services, public finance, and energy efficiency. Under the framework of each MOU, a workshop will be organized to identify local priority areas to be addressed by LGSP in each district.


Local and central public authorities, public service providers, representatives of donor institutions and international organizations, civil society and local media are invited to the launch events.


Schedule of the regional launch events:


Soldanesti – 12 July, 2012, 10:00

Ialoveni – 17July, 2012, 9:00

Straseni – 18July, 2012, 10:00

Drochia  – 18July, 2012, 10:00

Causeni–19July, 2012, 10:30

Singerei– 19July, 2012, 10:00

Orhei–20July, 2012, 10:00

Rezina–24 July,2012, 10:00

Ungheni– 25 July, 2012, 11.00 (tbc)

Telenesti–25 July, 2012, 11:00

Comrat–26July, 2012, 11:00

Taraclia –27July, 2012, 11:00


If you are interested in participating please contact Irina Ioniţă 022 626115, e-mail:




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