The Congaz mayoralty, ATU Gagauzia, has for the first time ever launched an intercommunal utility company providing quality services to 15,000 inhabitants from the area. The Congaz mayoralty cooperates with the mayoralties of Cotovscoe and Chioselia Rusa villages with a view to solve all the problems faced by the community by implementing a unique service management model.

"Several projects that have brought prosperity to the inhabitants were carried out within our communities, namely in the fields of modern aqueduct, street lighting, sanitation service, road maintenance etc. I think we're the only ones in Moldova who decided to focus these services within a single company that would provide them to the inhabitants of several localities. This ensures the sustainability of the implemented infrastructure projects, but also the rational use of resources held by the partner mayoralties of this project", the mayor of Congaz, Constantin Telpiz, said within the launching event of the new intercommunal utility company.

During the event, held today in the village of Congaz, the range of services provided by the multifunctional intercommunal utility company (IUCfrom Congaz was presented. The director of the company has demonstrated the innovative methods that are applied within the IUC for a more efficient management. Consequently, 3 mayoralties and more than 15,000 inhabitants are benefiting from more qualitative services of waste centralized discharge and disposal, snow removal, road maintenance and street lighting, water supply development and maintenance etc.

"Congaz is not only the largest village in Moldova, but also in Europe, and the creation herein of the first company of this kind is not only symbolic, but also logic, because it serves as an example for all the localities from ATU Gagauzia and from all over Moldova. Since being an example to be followed means, first of all, having a developed infrastructure, which ensures a better quality of people's lives - the most important element in the authorities' activity", Deputy Permanent Representative, PNUD Moldova, Narine Sahakyan, said.


The Congaz (ATU Gagauzia) IUC is one of 10 intercommunity cooperation projects implemented in several districts of the Republic of Moldova, that implement the provisions of the National Decentralization Strategy of the Republic of Moldova, approved by the Moldovan Parliament in April 2012.


Victoria Cujba, the Head of the Decentralization Policy Division of the State Chancellery stated that the country's changing process begins at local level and requires the involvement of both local authorities and citizens. "For the inhabitants of such small communities, like Cotovscoe and Chioselia Rusa, this is the only viable solution to receive some high quality services. It is worth mentioning that the 86% from the localities of Moldova have less than 5000 inhabitants. Such intercommunity cooperation models contribute to the modernization of the country, while the ecology becomes an imperative, and the citizen satisfaction a top priority. The Government jointly with the development partners support and encourage the development of Moldova on this path", Victoria Cujba declared.


Within the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme, 40 mayoralties from Moldova have joined their efforts and created 10 intercommunity cooperation enterprises. These are providing public services such as waste collection and disposal, street lighting, road maintenance and snow removal, spatial planning and overhauling.


The total amount of grants provided for this type of project is USD 1 million. From the project are benefiting more than 120 thousand citizens from 40 Moldovan localities. The project is implemented by the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) with the UNDP and UN Women assistance as well as with the financial support of the Government of Denmark.


For more information: Tatiana Solonari, JILDP Communication Consultant (UNDP Moldova),, 069377215. 


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