Chisinau, 22 January 2015 - The mayoralties of Ciuciuleni, Dragusenii Noi, Pascani and Secareni (Hincesti) have joined forces and are able to solve together the problem of road maintenance and snow removal. Ciuciuleni has open today, for the first time in Moldova, an intermunicipal communal services operator.  

 "Thanks to the new intermunicipal service, we were able to clean by our own efforts a double surface, at a cost two times smaller", Ciuciuleni Mayor Grigore Grigoras said at the launch event.                 

At the event held today in Ciuciuleni there were presented the mandate of the Intermunicipal Cooperation Company and tested the multifunctional equipment serving these localities. Following this project, the four municipalities and over 13,000 residents will no longer have to wait 2 or 3 days for the tractor in Hincesti to come and remove the snow.   

The representative of the Danish Government Jesper Toftlund said it is a pleasure to see that the contribution of the Danish people is so useful in improving living conditions in Moldova. "It is great to see that children get to school easier, that older people can bring consumption water and people have access to national roads." 

Within the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme, 40 municipalities in Moldova have joined forces and created 10 intermunicipal cooperation operators. They provide public services - waste collection and disposal, street lighting, road maintenance and snow removal, landscaping and repairs.

The Head of the Decentralization Policy Division of the State Chancellery Victoria Cujba affirmed that the decentralization reform can become stronger and autonomous municipalities. "Intermunicipal cooperation is an innovative method for mayoralties in Moldova, which are not able to provide by themselves certain basic services. The Moldovan Government recommends this model to other municipalities, too. We are sure that by joint efforts our country will change positively", she added.

Ciuciuleni Intermunicipal Cooperation is one of 10 IMC projects implemented in several districts of Moldova, which apply the provisions of the National Decentralization Strategy of the Republic of Moldova, approved by the Parliament in April 2012.     

IMC is a viable solution especially for small municipalities, with less than 5000 inhabitants, not having sufficient resources to provide public services on their own. In Moldova, 86% of municipalities have less than 5000 residents.

The total amount of grants offered for this type of projects is 1 million dollars. They have more than 120 000 beneficiaries from 40 localities in Moldova. The IMC project is implemented by the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (UNDP and UN Women), with the financial support of the Government of Denmark. 


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