Experts in public administration from Eastern Partnership countries discussed regional and local public administration reform in Chisinau

Public administration reform at the local and regional level was the theme of an international seminar held in Chisinau on 27-31 May 2013. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in partnership with the State Chancellery, within the Panel on Public Administration Reform of the Eastern Partnership, the workshop brought together over 30 experts in public administration from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine representing different levels of government, non-governmental organizations and teh academia. Among the lecturers were experts from EU member states and European institutions, including the Committee of the Regions and the Forum of civil society.


The participants made an extensive exchange of experiences in promoting local democracy, financial autonomy of the regions, and other aspects of public administration reform in EaP countries, as well as on the best European practices in the field.


„The citizen, with his concerns and interests, was placed at the center of the thinking behind the decentralization reform in Moldova,” said Victoria Cujbă, the head of the Decentralization Policy Division of the State Chancellery, in the opening of her presentation at the seminar. According to Mrs. Cujbă, decentralization is a priority of the new Moldovan government, and its objectives - strengthening the institutional and financial capacity of local governments - are implemented by promoting participation of vulnerable groups and gender equality at the local level.


„The Parliament is set to examine a new draft law on local public finances, prepared by the State Chancellery together with development partners, and which provides a new formula of budgetary relations between municipalities and the state budget. We hope that the law will be adopted in time so that municipalities can use the new formula in developing their budgets for 2014,” Mrs. Cujbă added.



The international seminar provides a platform for exchange of experience and for identifying opportunities for cooperation between local and regional governments in Eastern Partnership countries in promoting local autonomy, which is essential for a genuine democracy.

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