The Moldovan Delegation Actively Participated in the International Conference in Stockholm Devoted to Economic Growth and Gender Equality

Following the recommendations made by Her Excellency, Mrs. Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, Ingrid TERSMAN, the representatives of central and local public authorities, as well as those of civil society, had the chance to participate in the International Conference on the topic "Gender Equality for Economic Growth", organized by the Sweden Institute jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden within 12-15 May 2013 in Stockholm, costs being borne entirely by the Swedish.


Subjects on empowering women to ensure sustainable economic growth and development in different states were raised; major challenges related to violence against women were discussed; negative demographic trends were also analyzed.


Conference investigated the relation and interdependence between gender equality and economic growth of the states, focusing on mixed formula between family and women's employment.


The team of the Republic of Moldova (Victoria Cujba, the representative of State Chancellery, Natia Cherkezishvili, Chief International Adviser of UN WOMEN Programme, Veaceslav Balan, UNWOMEN Programme Analyst, Nina Costiuc, Mayor of Bude┼čti commune, Chairperson of the Women-Mayors Association within CLAM, Elena Burca, Chairperson of the Women's Forum of Moldova, Alexei Buzu, the representative of the Development Partnership Association) were actively involved in the Conference. Each participant had interventions, delivered presentations, participated in drawing of conclusions and in identifying possible proposals to tackle the existing situations.


The team unanimously confirmed that the event was an opportunity to establish connections with people working in the field. It was a platform of discussion for the members of participating states, which encouraged the exchange of information and expertise in the field.


The analysis and results of different studies, presented by well-known specialists in the field, such as Mrs. Professor, Jacguie Truie,  University of Monash, Australia, Mrs. Maria Beatriz, the Netherlands, the representative of World Bank, SIDA representatives, representatives of Eastern Partnership, Professor Thomas Johansson, University of Gothenburg,  encouraged the participants to discuss about new perspectives, modern methods and approaches, as well as about the necessity to join all the efforts in order to face the existent challenges.


During its visit in Stockholm, at the invitation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Sweden, Mr. Emil Druc, the Moldovan delegation had a meeting with the Embassy's team, during which subjects of major concern were discussed, especially the situation in the field of human rights and gender equality, cooperation with Swedish development partners, options to extend Moldo-Swedish relationships between local communities of both states, collaboration with public and non-governmental sector. 





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