Community transport service was launched in Ciuciuleni village, Hincesti district

For the first time today, the children of Ciuciuleni village, Hincesti district, did not have to walk more than 5 km to get to school. The primary school children were transported to school by a community minibus purchased, at the community's innititative, by the local public authorities, with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP). A similar situation was in another  four communities of the republic that were also assisted by the Program in purchasing community transport and in ensuring population's access to better education and health care services.

Gheorghe GrigoraƟ, the Mayor of Ciuciuleni village, says that villagers have been looking forward to having a community minibus for around two years. "The village is 10 kilometers long and because of this long distance that is to be passed, more that 100 children did not attend the kindergarten, other 200 disabled persons, as well as pensioners, found it very difficult to get to the public institutions, and the children that live on the outskirts of the village had to lose an hour to get to school. Now, we will develop a bus timetable so that children, pupils and social-vulnerable persons could travel to the necessary public institutions at any time of the year and in any weather. Without the support provided by the Joint Integrated Local Development Program, we wouldn't have managed to make this dream come true", the Mayor of Ciuciuleni added.   

Ecaterina Pagu is one of those more than 5 thousand villagers who urged local public authorities to purchase a means of community transport. "We have been looking forward to this bus, because we lose too much time and temper to get from the outskirts to the village center, and also to travel to the district center. Now it will be easier for our children to participate in different contests and republican or regional competitions", Ecaterina Pagu added. Other four minibuses and buses that will transport the population of Tiganca, Calmatui, Plopi and Sofia villages were put into service today. The buses and minibuses will be used to transport the old, the disabled, pupils and children to the necessary public institutions.

Ciuciuleni is one of those 70 pilot localities of the republic that are supported by the Program in order to develop strategies of local social-economic development based on human rights and gender equality approach. This approach implies the participation of all community members in the process of identification of local priorities and in ensuring equal benefits to all community members and vulnerable groups as a result of local development. Similar to Ciuciuleni village, in parallel, JILDP provides these localities with financial support for the implementation of local development initiatives identified by the members of these communities, be it projects on water supply, waste storage or small infrastructure projects. 

Thus, to purchase the minibus, JILDP awarded Ciuciuleni village a grant in the sum of 150 thousand lei. The local public authorities contributed with another 60 thousand lei.

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