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A sports field created with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme was inaugurated in Ciulucani, Telenesti rayon

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“Since today, we have a perfect area for us to practise and win more matches. It is the most beautiful and most expected gift for all children and adults from the village”, said together the girls from the football team of the village who attended the inauguration event on Sunday, June 24. The sports field was created at the initiative and with the participation of the community and local authorities and with the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP), implemented by the Moldovan Government with the assistance of UNDP, UN Women, funded by the Government of Sweden.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by villagers, representatives of local and district authorities, international donor organizations, who also attended a concert performed by the children from the community and a representative match between the girls’ football team and boys’ team from Ciulucani. “I practice football for 6 years and so far we had to practice on the stadium from the neighbouring village. Now we are proud to have an own stadium, moreover that we are the single girls’ football team in the region, and most of us also play in the women’s football league of Moldova”, said Iuliana Dânga. The opening of the stadium was an event also expected by the parents from the community. “We are pleased that our children will now have an occupation and a special area arranged to this end. They will be safe and we – quiet”, said Lucia Corman, one of the parents attending the event. 1760 people live in Ciulucani, including 350 children.

“We aimed to create conditions for practicing sport by all interested persons, including by those with limited physical capabilities, directly at their living place. Namely for this reason we opted for two mini-stadiums located in the two distinct areas of the village. With the JILDP support, the first stadium opens its gates today and provides conditions to practice mini-football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. In autumn, the second stadium will be opened too”, said Andrei Cibotaru, mayor of Ciulucani. “We look to bring sport in the life of children and youth, given that sport is a universal “remedy” for improving physical and mental health of children and has a priceless educational and socializing role”, the mayor said.

JILDP representatives, attending the event, said that Ciulucani village is one of those 70 pilot-communities of the country supported by the Programme in order to draft local social and economic development strategies through an approach based on human rights and gender equality. This innovative approach implies the participation of all community members in identifying local priorities and yielding equal benefits of local development on all community members, including vulnerable groups. As was the case of Ciulucani village, in parallel, JILDP also provide financial support for implementing local development initiatives identified by the members of these communities.

Joint Integrated Local Development Programme is implemented by the Government of the Republic of Moldova with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), with the financial support of the Government of Sweden.

Programme aims to yield equal benefits of decentralization and local development on the vulnerable groups, including the discriminated, socially excluded and marginalized groups. In its activity, the Programme is guided by several basic principles: participation, transparency, accountability, non-discrimination, equality of rights, opportunities and benefits between for women and men. JILDP works in 60 villages and 10 cities of 10 pilot-districts of the country, selected according to the vulnerability criterion based on the indices of deprivation for small areas.



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